Serving Residents of Newbury Park both Hospice and Home Health


We at Los Robles Healthcare have been serving Newbury Park residents care in the home since 2000. We continue to offer hospice and home health services to patients throughout the Conejo Valley.

Newbury Park, which of course lies as the western end of the Conejo Valley, is one of the first few cities we provided care. We pride ourselves in being a Conejo Valley born agency, with deep roots in the region. Those roots, much like the roots of the beautiful oaks that line the hillsides of our wonderful valley, very much represent, metaphorically, the sort of care we feel we have deeply rooted into the region. We, as an agency, have since grown to cover all of Southern California’s home health and hospice needs; however, it is the Conejo Valley and Ventura County where things began, and this region will always feel a little like home base for us.

Newbury Park, with beautiful hillside hiking and easy access to wonderful schools such as Cal Lutheran, remains one of the more sought out neighborhoods in all of this region of the county, and provides easy beach access and city access for all residents.

Hospitals and surgical centers that we partner in care with are wide reaching, with Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center and TOSH being the two local facilities we partner with regularly. Of course, Newbury Park residents also pursue care needs throughout all of greater Los Angeles, and we, of course partner in care with doctors throughout not only all of Los Angeles, but all of Southern California.

Home Health and Hospice Offerings

As our website states, our home health and hospice patients come to us via referrals from over 4,000 doctors, from 300 Skilled Nursing Facilities, from over 68 Major Hospitals, and over 74 Surgical Centers.

The hospice and home health services that we continue to provide are offered with not only exquisite clinical care, but also emotional care. We at Los Robles Healthcare understand that hospice and home health are both clinical offerings that require an emotional component to drive the greatest results for the community. Caring is what we’re all about, and caring is what we do best.

The following help define our service care offerings:
  • Caring for Patients as Though They Were Members of Our Own Family

  • Serving the Healthcare Community as a Whole

  • A Devotion to Improving Care Models and Outcomes

Care for All Corners of the Community

The twenty years of business that we’ve conducted as an agency have taught us many things, with perhaps the most critical being that caring in a clinical setting requires as much emotional support for our patient population as it requires clinical support. We continue to make strides in the community by driving care models that include both technical skillsets as well as emotional ones.

“Los Robles Healthcare gave me highest quality of care that a person can hope for.”

Brian Arnold   •   Patient

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